In my last blog, I talked about how communities will have to be resilient when it comes to the future.  This will be true not only for the businesses that were hard hit by the pandemic and recession but also by the non-profits in the community that have helped to stem the flow of the bleeding.  And the reality is that money will not be abundant, so what can those non-profits do so they can continue to function and work in their communities?

Upskill Your Staff!

One of the things that are often cut from budgets is professional development.  Too many organizations see this as a perk to being employed, but it is SO much more.  Professional development, done correctly, should give your staff the ability to network with other colleagues.  It should also work to enhance a skill a staff member already has or to gain new skills.  In times where there is uncertainty about what might be needed down the line, make sure you are investing in your staff and upskilling them in something that will be needed.  It’s much cheaper and more beneficial to invest in your staff now than it is to start over training someone new.

Grant Writing Education and Services

Grant writing is a skill set that many people do not believe they have and is one of the most important for organizations to consider now.  Those that do grant write are generally split into two camps of applicants: those that address the questions directly and completely versus those who tell a great story, working to emote the need for the money to the granting organizations.  But the biggest problems for these types of grant writers is two-fold:

  1. They do not think outside of the box.  They either live comfortably within its confines, or they do away with the box completely.  Both approaches leave little to be desired.
  2. They don’t understand the nature of grants and how to apply for them.  Some writers will apply to every grant they can find while others are more timid and feel that none of the grants are suited to the purpose of the applicant.

Grant writing is a skill that is hard to master but is vital to everything an organization or community needs to function.  From brick and mortar projects to quality of life initiatives, grant-making organizations are looking for ways to make positive impacts.  By educating leaders and writers on how to be effective grant seekers, I can help make them more robust in the months and years to come.  This is an important professional development opportunity, so make sure you are doing your best to upskill your staff so they can help lead the organization beyond our current turmoil.

Watch For My Next Blog!

The next blog post will discuss raising money for businesses, communities, and non-profits.  This will be critical over the next several months as we work to try and recover from the economic hardships of COVID-19.  These blog posts will be designed to not only enhance understandings of what I can offer but also showcase ways to break out of the habits and ruts people find themselves in.  And when the next crisis hits, you will be more resilient, ready to step up and try something new and daunting.

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