Polished Productions Consulting Expanding with a New Website Launch

Polished Productions Consulting Expanding with a New Website Launch

Polished Productions Consulting Website Launch!

Hi, there! My name is Derek Lumsden, CEO of Polished Productions Consulting. And today, I’m launching my website and blog for the company I’ve had for the last five years. I know what you are thinking: Why did I wait so long to start all of this stuff? Honestly, like anyone else, I got complacent. I figured that I would get work based off “the way things had always been done.” Whether that’s talking with colleagues or presenting at a conference, I figured my name was getting in front of the people I wanted when I wanted it. Until something forces you to change the way you do business, you don’t really think about the things you aren’t doing, but should be doing. Luckily for me, this is something I am able to do, to update my brand and offerings and use that knowledge to help others.

Why expand my own small business now?

I know it might seem counterintuitive to expand business practices in the midst of a global pandemic. So many people and businesses are focused on being resilient in our current climate. But what does that mean? Resilience is defined as “the power or ability to return to the original form after being bent or stretched.” I think many people would agree that this is exactly how they are feeling, especially as the uncertainties linger on and there is a desire to return to normal. However, business as the world has known it, is undergoing a significant change. If history has taught us anything, this recovery will be no exception in how we adapt to our new environment. So instead of lounging around and waiting for the economy to recover, I decided to step out and try to expand my business during this time of crisis.


Times of crisis, like our current situation, might seem like an odd time to work on expanding a business. Like so many others, I intend to be resilient, but not by returning to normal. I choose to believe in the secondary definition of resilience, “the ability to recover readily from adversity.” This definition implies that there will be a path forward for everyone, even if different than what they are used to or what they were expecting.

New Ways to Connect

That’s why I’m making sure I have a platform other than in person. I’m working on my website and my blog, guaranteeing that I have another medium to help people. There are millions of people unemployed, and a large number of small businesses might not make it through this trying time. So why would I go out of my way to expand my own small business? What do I bring to the table that other small businesses and organizations can take advantage of at this time? What skills do I offer that can help businesses and organizations weather this storm? Find these answers and more in my upcoming blogs!

Watch for my next blog!

While there are a myriad of skills and resources businesses and communities will need after this crisis, there are a few that will rise above: one will be grant writing education and services. A second one will be membership and fundraising assistance. A third will be leadership development through strategic planning. All of these services will be critical now and once the crisis is over, and I can help assist with each of them. I will discuss each of them in upcoming blogs with the first one focused on Grant Writing Education and Services.

You can reach out to me at polishedproductionsconsulting@gmail.com or click the contact button below for more information.  

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